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Month: June 2016

The Ice Queen

514m6kHQvaL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_“Justin, will you please come into my office?”

Justin pressed the red button on the square speaker. “Yes, Ms. Sumrall.”

Justin locked his computer and stood. She sounded annoyed, and Justin was not certain why the Ice Queen would want to see him. She liked to patrol the cubicle aisles looking for slackers, but when it came to actual work, Justin was outside of her purview. She was the executive in charge of the artistic side of the game projects. Justin was one of the drones that handled physics logic in the game. Marcus was over him, and Marcus never handed reprimands off to anyone else.

He walked to the Ice Queen’s office and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Her voice sounded as cool as her moniker. Justin opened the door and entered, closing it behind him.

The office was sparsely decorated. Her desk contained only the barest of papers and her computer. Two chairs sat in front of the desk, each angled slightly. Justin started to walk to one of the chairs when Nichole stood. She walked around her desk to stand in front of him, forcing him to back up against the door in order to keep any personal space.

“Why do you have one of my girls fetching you coffee?” she asked coolly.

“I, um,” Justin struggled for his words. He had forgotten that Sally was on her team. “I didn’t. She just brought it over.”

Nichole nodded her head. “She told me the same thing when I asked her. I don’t mind fraternizing in the office, as long as everyone is respected. Do you know how hard it is for women in a business like this?”

“Yes ma’am.” Justin was well aware of the male to female ratio in this office, and how much work had been done to get it something close to even. A decade ago, women like Sally would have been a rarity here. In some companies they still were.

“I like your sincerity.” A new look entered Nicole’s eyes, lustful and commanding. Justin swallowed hard as she stepped closer to Justin, invading that personal space he had tried to maintain. “Take down your pants.”

“I’m sorry.” The command took him completely by surprise …