On the Scene – Holle’s Thoughts on BDSM and Erotica

BDSM is a fascinating topic for me, something that I have enjoyed for a long time. I got my start working as a secretary for a Professional Dominatrix. Seriously – I was just her secretary. I never got involved in her work beyond helping manage books and answering phones. However, I learned a lot from her about the lifestyle and some of the protocols.

From there, I explored a little with partners, then let my interests fall to the wayside as I had to deal with life.

A few years ago, my writing rekindled my interest in BDSM. That led to my learning more about the lifestyle. I wrote an article for Yahoo back when it was easy to be a contributor there. I have saved it here. From there, I continued exploring and learning until I created this blog.

I hope that you will explore and enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.